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For Everything There is Time Under The Heavens: A Time to Speak, and a Time to Remain Silent

This week holds a very powerful place in the heart of almost every Israeli: it is the week between the Holocaust Memorial, Yom Ha’Shoa, and Yom Ha’Zikaron, Memorial Day for slain Israeli soldiers and victims of terror attacks. Both commemoration…

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Questioning the Counting of the Omer

On a Facebook Jewish Women’s clergy group the other day, someone posted the question, “Are you counting the Omer? Why/why not?” My response, “No, No. It’s an old custom/ritual that simply doesn’t speak to me…and since my congregants don’t seem…

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Chag Aviv Sa’meach!

Does Moses’ name appear in the Passover Haggadah? Are we still subject to enslavement? These questions and more in the Rabbi’s Blog will help you have a happy and thoughtful Passover.

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Live From Israel, It’s TBT!

Highlight photos of Rabbi Meeka’s 2018 tour of Israel.

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Before Our Group Leaves for Israel

My Dear Congregants, Before we leave for our Israel trip, please allow me a few moments of your time by reading this message: Friday is here. Everyone is busy planning for the long weekend, the celebratory “Presidents’ Day,” coming up…

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Va’era: What if this time we are the pharaohs?

Rabbi/Cantor Meeka Simerly

What if we are the pharaohs?

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A Hannuka Miracle

How 3 Rabbis from very different backgrounds have come together and listen to each other.
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Yom Kippur Day – Tikkun Olam begins with Tikkun Ha’nefesh

This is NOT a sermon about politics. Last year on November 9th, I woke up early from a restless night’s sleep and immediately ran to my computer to check the results of the previous night’s presidential elections. My email reaction…

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Kol Nidrei: Israel

On July 14th this year, Jason Shames, Chief Executive Officer of the Jewish Federation of Northern NJ, sent the following note: “Dear Friends, As many of you know, I am not a fan of former Pink Floyd bassist and front…

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2nd Day Rosh Ha’Shana: Reform Judaism

Boker tov, and again, Shana Tovah! As some of you may already know, in June I was accepted as a member into the Central Conference of American Rabbis, or in short – the CCAR, which is the Reform Movement’s Rabbinic…

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