Thoughtful THURSDAYS

Thoughtful Thursdays: Exploring the Jewish Landscape of Learning
Elevating Jewish Women’s Voices, with Lily Dropkin
Thursday, January 6th
Join Lily Dropkin to learn about one of her passions – exploring Feminism throughout the Jewish culture. From biblical figures who are now feminist icons to modern Jewish women’s struggle to bring equality into their religious spaces, we will discuss the intersection of Judaism and women’s equality, rights, and the early feminist movement.

About Lily Dropkin:
Lily Dropkin is the Jewish Outreach and Program Director at the Wayne YMCA. Lily was most recently the Director of Youth and Family Programming for a Reform congregation in Chattanooga, TN. In her previous experience, Lily worked within the Israeli Antiquity Authority and the International Conservation Center in Jerusalem and Acre respectively, participating in archaeological projects in Israel and Jordan. She is a member of the Association for Reform Jewish Educators and graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Judaic Studies from the University of Tennessee.

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Lily Dropkin

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