Thoughtful Thursdays

Thoughtful Thursdays: Exploring the Landscape of Jewish Learning presents….
Gleanings of a Wandering Jew, with Rabbi David Levin

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Back by popular demand! In this new presentation, Rabbi David Levin discusses how his travels, combined with Jewish history, have helped him to understand our journey through time and space. Through this story-telling, Rabbi Levin shares anecdotes and insights into our current situation and offers ways to cope with the rise of Anti-Semitism.

About Rabbi David Levin:
Rabbi David Levin focuses on outreach bringing, Jewish wisdom to seekers of meaning. Trained at Hebrew Union College, Rabbi David draws from the many streams of the Jewish tradition to aid people in this pursuit. He considers himself a lamplighter along life’s journey rather than a gatekeeper. Rabbi Levin teaches “The Ethical Legacy Will, Jewish Wisdom Reimagined”- a new approach to the Ethical Will, making it more relevant and accessible, as well as other end-of-life challenges.

Click here to join the meeting!

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