WIN Thanksgiving Food Drive

Help WIN make Thanksgiving a win for Wayne Families.

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2nd Day Rosh Ha’Shana: Reform Judaism

Boker tov, and again, Shana Tovah! As some of you may already know, in June I was accepted as a member into the Central Conference of American Rabbis, or in short – the CCAR, which is the Reform Movement’s Rabbinic…

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Rosh Ha’shana Day 1: Hayom Harat Olam & Chana’s Loss

Boker tov and Shana Tovah! We are about to engage in a very powerful climatic moment in the High Holidays, lishmoa kol shofar, the mitzvah of listening to the Shofar. Hearing the blasts of Shofar each year takes me to…

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High Holiday’s Sermons

Rabbi Meeka’s High Holiday Sermons are now available to read on her blog! They are loaded individually, by sermon and Holiday. 

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Mother’s Day Wishes

From the Rabbi’s Blog…

Every year, during the happy celebration of Mother’s Day in our country, many of us get to feel bittersweet emotions, hesitant to address the difficulties of this day…

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