Thoughtful THURSDAYS

Thoughtful Thursdays: Exploring the Jewish Landscape of Learning
FACES OF GENIUS: Jewish Noble Prize Laureates in Science and Medicine presented by Jessica Solomon, Executive Director, Jewish Heritage Museum of Monmouth County
Thursday, August 12
7:00-8:00 pm
The Nobel Prizes are a set of international awards established by the 1895 will of the Swedish Inventor Alfred Nobel. The prizes are bestowed on those who confer humankind’s most significant benefit in five categories; physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, peace, literature, and economics. Jewish people number
less than 0.2% of the world’s population yet comprise 22.5% of all Nobel Prize winners. This PowerPoint presentation honors and highlights the private lives and contributions of 10 Jewish American Nobel Laureates in physics, chemistry, and medicine.

About the Presenter:
Jessica Solomon is the Executive Director at the Jewish Heritage Museum of Monmouth County. She holds a BA in History and International Studies from Rowan University with a specialization in Economic History and Globalization. She is currently a graduate student at Monmouth University, where she is receiving an MA in history. Her historical research on the Anglo-American Loan of 1946 and the fall of the British Empire has led her to present her findings in the United States and Great Britain. Her research is also published in the Armstrong Journal of History and Portmanteau: Slippery Rock’s Gender Studies Journal. A lifelong resident of
Manalapan, her first visit to the Museum occurred just after the building was moved to its current location in 2008

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