Our Father English Thanksgiving Mitzvah

We came together, socially distant, with masks and gloves, to try and spread a little comfort for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Our initial goal was to provide at least 10 baskets to Father English so they could provide families with a complete meal, plus extras for breakfast & lunch. By the time our caravan of loaded cars left our parking lot on Sunday November 22nd, we had over 52 complete boxes, plus 100’s of pounds of additional donations to help stock their shelves.

Each Food Donation Basket included:
A gift wrapped Cardboard box & a large reusable shopping bag.
A 10-15 lbs Turkey 
2 cans of Cranberry Sauce
A bag of onions 
Canned Veggies – 2 cans of beans, 2 cans of corn & 2 cans of green beans
A box of Stuffing mix
2 boxes of Pasta – 2 boxes
1 jar of Pasta Sauce
2 Boxes of Macaroni & cheese
A bag of Rice
2 cans of Soup
1 bottle of Apple juice
1 jar of Peanut butter
1 jar of Jelly
A box of Hot cocoa
1 box of Pancake mix
1 bottle of Pancake syrup
Salt & Pepper
Hand sanitizer
And a hand written note from Temple Beth Tikvah / your family with wishes for a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving

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