Tea, Torah, & Teaching

Come and have tea with Rabbi Meeka and delve into the Torah.
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Special Musical Shabbat Service

Nationally Renowned Jewish Song Leader Jacob Kraus will be here this Friday!
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Passover Second Seder

Join us for a Pot Luck Family Dinner to celebrate the Second Seder.
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April 13th! Come make an Israeli Frisbee.
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Thursday Funday with Emily

Come and enjoy a free program, open to the community with Miss Emily!
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🗓 Events

🗓, March 19 – 8:00pm
Board Meeting–AP Room
🗓, March 20 – 12:30pm
Tea, Lunch & Learn, Jewels of Our Liturgy: The Tallit and Spiritual Significance
🗓, March 22 – 3:30pm
Jacob Kraus sings with our RS children
🗓, March 23
7:30pm – Jacob Kraus visits
7:30pm – Erev Shabbat
🗓, March 24
10:00am – Shabbat morning service,
10:00am – Gr. 6 leads service
11:00 – Tea, Torah & Teaching,
🗓, March 30
First Seder
No Erev Shabbat Service
🗓, March 31
2nd Seder at TBT
10:00am – Shabbat morning service

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Live From Israel, It’s TBT!

Highlight photos of Rabbi Meeka’s 2018 tour of Israel.

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