Temple Beth Tikvah offers a wide range of Jewish educational resources for students Pre-K to adult. Religious School provides students and their families with the opportunity to learn about their Jewish heritage and to identify as Jews.

We offer K -12 students and families:

  • The opportunity to explore Judaism, learn Hebrew, and discover what being Jewish means. Worship services, Jewish holiday celebrations, Jewish life cycle events, and Jewish music participation complement classroom instruction. Jewish learning through Jewish living.
  • Small class sizes, mid-week class, and the convenience of a neighborhood school that makes arranging carpools, attending social events, and celebrating special holidays or music programs easy.
  • A fun and exciting learning environment!
  • Online Hebrew class session for grades 5, 6, & 7 – students attend asynchronously each week, according to their availability. Great for children with busy schedules.
  • A Resource Program for children with special learning or social communicative needs. We firmly believe that every child is entitled to a Jewish education, and our Resource Program makes this a reality.
  • Experience worship services on an age-appropriate level.
  • Family Education workshops for every grade, co-led by our Rabbi and Educator.
  • Experience a unique opportunity to share with your children.
  • Thursday FUNDAY with Emily for children 5 and under to learn about the Torah, the Temple sanctuary and Jewish objects, the Jewish calendar and holiday cycle, and Israel. They share music, crafts, stories, and cooking related to each workshop theme.
  • Special holiday events for children throughout the year.
  • Tot Shabbat every second Friday at 6:30 pm, Family Friendly High Holiday services, and 2nd night Family Friendly Passover Seder.


B’nai Mitzvah

The B’nai Mitzvah Program is coordinated through the offices of the Rabbi and Principal. Approximately six months prior to the Bar/Bat Mitzvah, we train students to:

  • Lead Shabbat prayers
  • Read and chant Torah and Haftarah
  • Analyze and study Torah
  • Implement a personal mitzvah project
  • Prepare a Bar/Bat Mitzvah speech

Our goal is to make the experience meaningful and to help each child develop a lifelong Jewish identity. In addition, we encourage family members to read the Torah during the Bar/Bar Mitzvah service to make the Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience a memorable “family affair.” Rabbi Meeka is available to assist in this process.

We also provide individual or group adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah courses upon request.

Adult Education

Who: Anyone 18+

When: See our calendar and bulletin.

What: Email the temple for more information.

More Information

Email Us with any questions you may have or for more information about our educational programs.


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