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Temple Beth Tikvah offers us a journey as well as a destination. The Hebrew term for synagogue is Bet K’neset, a Home for gathering. A synagogue is also a Bet Midrash – a Home of Study—or a Bet Tefillah—a Home for prayer. By forging your own Jewish path with us, we can create a home together that honors all the meaning and hope in our name.  Beth Tikvah – House of Hope—is a place welcoming you to continue your Jewish journey.

Join us for Torah study to discover greater meaning; enroll your children in our beautiful school; find new friends during a social activity; attend one of our many services for holy worship and singing; find greater purpose by participating in acts of Tikkun Olam (Social Action). Our congregation supports a wide variety of Jewish creativity— join us and we’ll help you discover your unique path!

TBT invites you to learn more about becoming a member. No one is ever denied membership because of inability to pay. Our programs and activities are designed to fulfill congregants’ interests, strengthen the community, and promote social justice. We seek people in search of a Jewish community, people who want a place to grow with the congregation, people who need a place to pray, participate, enjoy. We offer you an inclusive Jewish atmosphere, one which is welcome and open to all types of families and individuals.

Temple Beth Tikvah offers a variety of membership packages designed to meet the needs of individuals and families throughout various stages of life. For more information about Membership, please call us at 973-595-6565 or email the Temple Beth Tikvah office below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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