Our Mission

Temple Beth Tikvah, literally our House of Hope, is a Reform Jewish congregation which has, since its founding in 1956, conducted its worship, its study, and its celebrations in a religiously traditional way. Constantly renewing itself based on Judaism’s eternal values, Temple Beth Tikvah remains steadfast as a:

  • House of Study (Torah): Education is the foundation of our tradition, and its teachings provide content and context for all that we do as individuals and as a congregation.
  • House of Worship (Avoda): Worship at home and in our synagogue offers connection to G-d. Jewish ritual, a source of spiritual uplift for individuals and for the congregation as a whole, sanctifies life’s joys and comforts us during life’s sorrows.
  • House of Gathering (Kehilah): Temple Beth Tikvah strives always to be a warm, welcoming, inclusive, and responsive community, a family of families, from generation to generation.

Our congregation also actively pursues gemilut hasadim, acts of kindness and social justice, striving toward tikkun olam, repair of the world.

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