Purim FUN!

Live from Wayne, NJ…It’s…

Join your Temple family for a Zoom Purim Schpiel, Groggers, Nosh, Songs and FUN!

Thursday, February 25  @ 7:00 pm 

Wear a costume of your choice!
Our 6th Graders will perform the Schpiel, and our cantors will lead us in Purim songs

Adults, after Schpiel is over, please stay longer!
All adults ages 21 and older are welcome to join us for a
Post-Schpiel Cocktail Party!
We will drink until we can’t tell the difference between
“Arur Haman” (Cursed be Haman) and”Baruch Mordechai” (Blessed be Mordecai)

Purim Songs, Temple Beth Tikvah 2021

1) Our Purim Schpiel

Come and see our Purim Schpiel,

Mighty wonders we’ll reveal

Of Purim, of Purim,

Of Happy Purim Day (hey!)

Get your grorggers ready now

While the actors take a bow

And put on their masks

In colors bright today!

See the Megilah, slowly unwinding

And out comes Ester

Dancing with the King

Haman the villain (BOO!!)

And Mordechai the hero

Each one has his turn to dance and sing!

2) My Hat

My Hat it has 3 corners,

3 corners has My Hat

And had it not 3 corners,

It would not be My Hat!

3) Utzu Etza/Take Counsel (dance to David Melech)

Utzu Etza ve’tufar

Dabru davar ve’lo yakum

Utzu Etza ve’tufar

Dabru davar ve’lo yakum

Ki imanu El  (x2)

Take counsel together, and it shall be overturned; Speak the word, and it shall not happen; For God is with us.

4) Wicked, Wicked Man

(A) Oh once there was a wicked, wicked man
And Haman was his name, Oh
He would offended all the Jews
Though they were not to blame, Oh

Oh, today we’ll merry merry be (x3)
And nosh some hamentaschen.

(B) And Esther was the lovely queen
Of king Achashverosh
When Haman said he’d hurt us all
Oh my, how he did scare us. Oh, today we’ll merry merry be….

(C) But Mordechai her cousin bold
Said: “what a dreadful chutzpa!
If jails were but invented now
This Haman I would put there!  Oh, today we’ll merry merry be….   

(D) When Ester speaking to the king

Of Haman’s plot made mention

“Ha ha” said he “oh no he won’t!”

I’ll spoil his bad intention!  Oh, today we’ll merry merry be….

5) Chag Purim

Chag Purim, Chag Purim

Chag gadol la’ye’ladim.

Making masks, singing songs,

Purim time is here!

Hava na-risha – rash rash rash (x3)

Purim time is here

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