๐Ÿ—“ Events

๐Ÿ—“, March 18
4:30pm – Monday Funday
7:30pm – Board Meeting

๐Ÿ—“, March 21
3:45pm – RS Gr. 1-7 Purim Spiel during religious school

๐Ÿ—“, March 22
6:00pm – Kabbalat Shabbat Purim Service

๐Ÿ—“, March 23
10:00am – BM Samantha Pohl
10:00am – Shabbat service

7:30pm – Rock the 80’s Night

๐Ÿ—“, March 24
10:00am – 8th graders & 11th Mitzvah day, community clean up
10:00am – TBt Teens-Grade 11&12-Tentative

๐Ÿ—“, March 28
3:45pm – Religious School Grades 1-7

7:00pm – Religoius school committee meeting

๐Ÿ—“, March 29
7:30pm – Dresner Tikkun Olam Lecture
7:30pm – Shabbat Service

๐Ÿ—“, March 30
4:30 pm – Mincha service

4:30pm – BM Julia Fitzsimons

๐Ÿ—“, March 31
11:00am – Rabbi Dresner’s 90th Birthday Party

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March & April Bulletin

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Ongoing food drive for WIN

Updated list of non-perishables needed by the WIN Food Pantry.

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Community Menorah Lighting

3rd Annual Menorah Lighting Ceremony at Town Hall on December 14, 2017 @ 7:00 pm

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Hannukah Celebration!

Come build, eat & celebrate! Join us for the 2nd Annual Lego Building Event and celebration!

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Tot Shabbat!

Come sing and celebrate Shabbat with us!

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