Join your Temple family for a Zoom Purim Schpiel, Groggers, Nosh, Songs and FUN! Thursday, February 25   7:00 pm  Wear a costume of your choice!   Our 6th Graders will perform the Schpiel, and our cantors will lead us in Purim songs.
Adults, after Schpiel is over, please stay longer! All adults ages 21 and older are welcome to join us for a Post-Schpiel Cocktail Party! We will drink until we can’t tell the difference between “Arur Haman” (Cursed be Haman) and “Baruch Mordechai” (Blessed be Mordecai)
To make the celebration even more festive, come by the Temple on Sunday, February 21 between 11:00-1:00 pm or during TBT office hours on Monday, February 22 or Tuesday, February 23 to pick up your very own “Mishloach Manot” Purim Basket.

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